About Astral Dream

What was the sixties and seventies if not a Dream ... a beautiful Dream.

With the progressive music and expecially the psychedelia, the mind expand yourself in the Universe for to find the limit.

The mind can go so far away and, for a moment, to see how it's little the world respect the entire universe. All with the music, as cultural branch, can be close to the Universe heart and expecially the progressive music have this power.
"Astral Dream" will be your trip in the universe through the music and in this site you can find the best musical selection of the sixties and seventies music since the Beat period to the Seventies Progressive, with a special care for the British Beat, Progressive, Psychedelia, Folk, Blues.

In "Astral Dream" you can find original first pressing only and in beautiful condition, with the original sleeves, labels and inserts that the records had in the year of their first issue. It's very difficult to find these in large quantity. 
"Astral Dream" has a very efficent Want List service too and can find, very quickly, every interesting item of this period. This is for the special contacts that "Astral Dream" has in all the world, so please SEND YOUR WANT LIST, possibly priced with realistic prices, and you will be satisfied of our service.

"Astral Dream" will be in the future your progressive site and you can have any type of information to concern rare records, labels information and every type of information you like on the progressive groups/music.
Please don't hesitate and E Mail me for orders or information and for me will be a pleasure to answer you. 

I hope you can find in this site and in the catalogue whatever you want.

All The Best with Astral Dream!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .