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All prices are in EUROS.
The Records can be ordered by letter, fax, telephone or E-Mail.


Please Fax., E- Mail or Write first to reserve the Items. You can pay, after the confirmation of your order, by:

- Travellers Cheques in USD

- Cashier Cheque In EURO

- Cheque Not Endorsable In EURO

- Credit Transfer In My Bank Account

- International Money Order,

- Cash (insured for your guarantee), in EURO, UK Pounds, US $, Japan Yen.


We can reserve the items for a period of 21 days from the order, so, please send me the payment within this time period or inform me for any possible delay and send me a photocopy of the payment, if you pay by I.M.O that It's the slowest way of payment.


The gradings of the vinyl will be done with an accurate visive analysis and when some marks are visible with a play grade too. In this opportunity the grade will be a direct conseguence of the listening. The sleeve it's checked very well and if any problem may occour, they are individually mentioned (Tears on sleeve, Sticker On Sleeve, Ring Wear, Spine Wear...).

M - Mint - As New

EX - Excellent - The record has been played sometimes and may have some evident marks and a little background noise. PLEASE DON'T BUY EX VINYL IF YOU LOOK FOR A CLEAN COPY. Sleeve does have some noticeable wear, but it's still in a very good shape.

VG - Very Good - The Record has been played many time and does have some more marks, play with a noticeable noise but without stylus jumps or sticks...the record it's still enjoyable if really rare! The sleeve does have many lamination creasings or a nasty cover wear.It's very difficult that you can find records in these conditions in "Astral Dream".

+ or - at increasing or decreasing the grade (M-, EX+...)

G/F - Gatefold Sleeve

Dlp - Double lp

T.O.S - Tear On Sleeve

C.C. - Cut Corner

C.H - Corner Hole


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AA BLUES CLUB Same AA Disc Italy 1981 M-/M- EUR 40

ACADEMY Pop Lore According To… Morgan Blue Town UK 1968 FLIPBACK TEXTURED COVER - hard to find in so nice conditions! M-(-)/M- EUR 460

ACE Five A Side Anchor UK 1974 M-/M- EUR 30

ACE No Strings Anchor UK 1977 M-/M- EUR 30

ADAM AXELSON Eura Private M-/M- EUR 75

ADAM AXELSON Welcome Back Xotic Mind Norway 1995 G/F + book M-/M- EUR 75

ALAN HULL Pipedream Charisma UK 1973 + BOOK C.C. M-/M- EUR 30

ALAN PRICE Between Today and Yestday Warner UK 1974 M-(-)/M- EUR 70

Alan Trajan Firm Roots Mca UK 1969 Laminated M-(-)/M- EURO 200
Really rare album, the unique performance of this really talented and inspired vocalist that in this album offer really inspired hard progressive tinged blues his particular, deep, slightly dirt and great voice it's just a part into a great musical project where the acustic guitar of Davy Graham and electric guitar, organ and piano played by himself, are the leaders. There are 8 on 12 songs self composed and really brilliantly, like "Speak To Me Clarissa" where he appeals to a young girl passed out under a drug.. It's really uncommon to find so interesting lirycs along with a so evolute and interesting progressive sound where he sing with force or with tenderness like in the wonderful "Thoughts"... but in my opinion the great musical result it's the direct consequence of the musical roots of this artist:blues, jazz, Bartok's music. He born and grew in Scotland but knowing the big city problem, the hardness, the absence of joy ....also he played with jazz, pop, blues, folk progressive bands playing mostly the organ like in the Bread Love & Dreams masterpiece, Amarillys... so from his FIRM ROOTS has been made this really beautiful and very rare unique opportunity!!!

ALEX HARVEY BAND Framed Vertigo UK 1972 G/F rare swirl label EX+/M-(-) EUR 320

R&B From The Marquee Ace Of Clubs UK 1965 Red Mono Label Front Laminated EX+/M-(-) EUR 300

ALEXIS KORNER'S BLUES INCORPORATED Same Ace Of Clubs UK 1965 Very nice original copy M-(-)/M- EUR 270

ALEXIS KORNER I Whonder Who Fontana UK 1967 Front Laminated Cover - Black/Grey Label Orig. M-/M- EUR 200

AMEN CORNER The National Welsh Coast … Immediate UK 1969 Pink Label C.H. M-(-)/M- EUR 60

Amon Düül Collapsing Metronome Germany 1969 EX/M- EUR 150

AMON DULL II Carnival In Babylon UA UK 1972 G/F M-(-)/M- EUR 70

Amos Key Same Spiegelei Germany 1973 G/F laminated M-(-)/M- EUR 170
Great german progressive power trio with organ instead of can you imagine the sound? I don't thinks so because too far to be basic and primitive but evolute, various, excithing. Really one of the best examples you may ever heard and in ELP vein but probably much better. Top progressive!

ANGE Emile Jacotey Philips FR 1975 Black Label GATEFOLD M-(-)/M- EUR 30

ANGE Le cimitere des Arlequins Philips FR 1973 Black label G/F EX/EX+ EUR 30

ANIMALS Animalisms DECCA UK 1966 Flipback cover Red "Ear" MONO grooved Label EX+/M- EUR 175

ANIMALS The Most Of The Animals Columbia UK 1965 black/blue Label flipback cover M-/M- EUR 120

ANIMALS Animalism Mgm US 1966 Black deep groved label orig EX+/EX+ EUR 70

ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Winds Of Change Mgm UK 1967 Mono Flipback Yellow Label M-(-)/EX+ EUR 140

ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Love IS Mgm UK 1968 Flipback Cover EX+/M- EUR 170

Animal Tracks Columbia UK 1965 Blue/Black writing on back M-(-)/EX EUR 40

Same Columbia UK 1964 Black/Blue … look VG M-(-)/EX- EUR 30

Same Cbs UK 1969 G/F Orange Label EX/EX+ EUR 70

ARTHUR BIG BOY CRUDUP Mean Ole Frisco Blue Horizon UK 1970 mono EX+/M- EUR 160

ARTHUR BROWN The Crazy World Of Track UK 1968 front laminated M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 120

ARTHUR BROWN Dance Gull UK 1974 M-(-)/M- EUR 30

Atila Reviure Odeon Spain 1978 corner hole EX+/M- EUR 250

ATOMIC ROOSTER Death Walks Behind You B&C UK 1970 G/F customized label VG+/EX- EUR 70

AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION Same Liberty UK 1968 MONO Full Laminated Cover - 2 tones of Blue Label EX+/EX EUR 100

BACON FAT grease one for me Blue Horizon UK 1970 M-(-)/M- EUR 200

BAKERANDBAND From Humbles and Oranges Cgd IT 1982 M-/M- EUR 25

BAKERLOO Same Harvest UK 1969 G/F original no emi box on label - nice copy without problems EX+/EX+ EUR 500

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Early Morning Onwards Starline UK 1972 EX+/M-(-) EUR 30

BEATLES Please Please Me Parlophone UK 1963 Black Yellow Label MONO No "First Published…"small writing on back Ex+/EX EUR 750

BEATLES Beatles For Sale Parlophon Italy 1964 lamin Gatefold - red label - 3/4 light marks M-(-)/EX+ EUR 340

BEATLES Revolver Parlophon Italy 1966 full laminated - black label orig. EX+/EX EUR 150

BEATLES Revolver Parlophone UK 1966 flipback cover - black yellow label MONO EX+/EX+ EUR 150

BEATLES Rubber Soul Parlophon Italy 1965 Full Laminated - Black Label orig. EX+/EX EUR 150

BEATLES Sgt Pepper… Parlophon Italy 1967 BLACK/SILVER ORIGINAL G/F + Insert EX/VG++ EUR 60

A Hard Days Night Parlophone UK 1965 Flipback MONO M-(-)/M- EUR 200

Rubber Soul Odeon France 1965 Red Label Flipback Sleeve EX+/M-(-) EUR 100

Rubber Soul Parlophone Black/Yellow UK 1965 Flipback Sleeve EX+/EX+ EUR 150

For Sale Parlophone AU RE M-/M- EUR 25

Sgt Pepper…. Parlophone UK 1967 G/F MONO + INSERT + INNER EX/EX EUR 150

BEATLES Hey Jude Apple Italy 1970 original italian press full laminated dark green label M-/M- EUR 50

BEATLES Abbey Road Apple UK 1969 Full laminated - misallined apple on back cover M-(-)/M- EUR 180

BEATLES Let it Be Apple Italy 1970 Original full laminated UK press M-/EX+ EUR 40

BEATLES A Collection Of Beatles Oldies Parlophone UK 1966 rare mismatched Black/yellow labels M-(-)/EX+ EUR 200

BEATLES Twist And Shout Parlophone UK 1963 E.P. 4 TRACKS "WITHOUT Sold in UK" black/Yellow first press KT TAX CODE M-(-)/EX+ EUR 30


Featuring Tony Sheridan Polydor Italy 1978 M-/M- EUR 25

Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand/Sie Liebt Dich Capitol DEMO M-/M- OFFS

Por Siempre Emi SP M-/M- EUR 20

The Decca Tapes PICTURE DISC UK M-/M- EUR 65

BEATLES Beatles VI Parlophone UK 1966 export copy black/yellow label cpcs 104 EX+/EX+ EUR 360

BEGGARS OPERA Waters Of Change Vertigo UK 1971 swirl label M-(-)/M- EUR 220

BERND WITTHUSER Lieder Von Vampiren… Ohr Germany 1971 G/F re M-(-)/M- EUR 40

BILL HALEY Live In Sweden Sonet UK 1970 red/orange label Lam Slv EX+/M-(-) EUR 60

BILLY FURY The Word Of Billy Fury Decca UK 1971 Boxed Tourquoise label M-/M- EUR 75

Reflections from a Cracked Mirror Liberty UK 1960 2 tones of blue label - laminated cover M-(-)/M- EUR 60

BITCHES SIN Predator Heavy Metal UK 1982 M-/M- EUR 60

We Sold Our Soul… Vertigo Italy 1976 SWIRL LABEL EX+/M-(-) EUR 95

BLODWYN PIG Ahead Rings Out Island UK 1969 G/F Pink I Label EX/M- EUR 90

BLODWYN PIG Ahead Rings Out Island UK 1969 G/F orange/black ball on label first press EX+/M-(-) EUR 200

BLUE JAM AT CHESS Blues Jam At Chess Blue Horizon UK 1969 dbl very nice copy M-(-)/M-/M- EUR 80

BLUE MINK Live At The Talk Town Regal Zonophone UK 1972 EX/M- EUR 20

BOOKER T& MG.S Green Onions London UK 1964 Purple Grooved Laminated Cover M-(-)/M- EUR 120

BRANCA (Glenn) Symphony No. 3 Neutral Canada 1983 M-/M- EUR 60

BRIAN AUGER/JULIE DRISCOLL Open Marmalade UK 1967 MONO matt cover EX+/M-(-) EUR 140

BRIAN AUGER & TRINITY Streetnoise Marmalade UK 1968 Dbl textured cover G/F EX/EX+/EX+ EUR 320

BRIAN AUGER Definitely What Marmalade UK 1969 MONO full laminated M-(-)/M- EUR 230

BRIAN AUGER/JULIE DRISCOLL & Trinity Polydor UK 1969 2384062 M-/M- EUR 45

Bridget St. John Songs For The Gentle Man Dandelion UK 1971 EX/M- EUR 130

BRUNNING SUNFLOWER BLUES BAND I wish You Would Saga UK 1970 front laminated cover EX+/M-(-) EUR 90

BRUNNING SUNFLOWER BLUES BAND Trackside Blues Saga UK 1969 front laminated cover EX+/EX EUR 50

CAPT. LOCHKED & STARFIGHTERS Same U.A. UK 1975 CUSTOM Label + Book + Inner EX/M- EUR 35

CARAVAN Canterbury Tales The Best Of Decca UK 1974 Dbl Plum Label M-/M- EUR 45

CARAVAN Caravan & The New Symphonia Decca UK 1974 M-/M- EUR 40

CAT STEVENS Catch Bull At Four Island UK 1972 G/F Custon Label Full Laminated Slv M-/M- EUR 40

CAT STEVENS Mona Bona Jakon Island UK 1970 Pink Island + Inner Lirycs EX/M-(-) EUR 140

CATHARSIS Same Saravah France 1971 M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 45

CHICKEN SHACK Accept Blue Horizon UK 1970 G/F no ring wear …slight storage wear EX/M-(-) EUR 125

CHICKEN SHACK O.K. Ken? Blue Horizon UK 1969 G/F EX/EX EUR 100

CHRIS CUTLER & FRED FRITH Live In Prague Nimbus UK 1979 M-/M- EUR 30


Same Spectacular DK 1991 original 1991 press of the 1970 Spectator label recordings M-(-)/M-EUR 40

CLARK & HUTCHINSON Retribution Deram UK 1970 M-(-)/EX EUR 70


Forever Blowing Bubbles Virgin UK 1975 laminated cover M-/M- EUR 50

CLOUDS Watercolour Days Chrysalis UK 1971 G/F Green Label sticker on right corner EX+/M- EUR 35

CMU Space Cabaret Transatlantic UK 1973 with lirycs insert – writing on cover VG/M-(-) EUR 120

Colosseum Those Who Are About… Fontana UK 1969 G/F M-/M-(-) EUR 80

COLOSSEUM Valentine Suite Vertigo UK 1969 Swirl label + A Philips Record Product M-(-)/EX+ EUR 180

COLOSSEUM Daughter Of Time Vertigo UK 1970 G/F big swirl on side one M-/EX+ EUR 190

CORONARIAS DANS Visitor Steeple Chase DK 1975 removing sticker ghost on corner EX+/M- 65

Crazy Mabel Crazy Mabel Pink Elephant NL 1971 1 mark in the second track clicks several times ex+/ex EUR 120

Fresh Cream Reaction UK 1966 Stereo spine wear. Patent Pending original cover EX+/M-(-) EUR 140

CREAM Disraeli Gears Reaction UK 1967 M-(-)/EX EUR 140

CREAM Wheels of Fire - In the Studio Polydor UK 1968 Single Album M-(-)/M- EUR 80

CREEPY JOHN THOMAS Same Rca UK 1969 front laminated original press EX/M-(-) EUR 200

CRESSIDA Same Vertigo UK 1969 G/F swirl + A philips product... on label EX/M-(-) EUR 600


Culpeper's Orchard Going For A song Polydor Denmark 1972 textured cover + inner M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 210

CURTISS MALDOON Same Purple UK 1971 M-(-)/M- EUR 105

DANDO SHAFT Same Neon UK 1971 G/F Textured Cover EX+/M-(-) EUR 320

Banana Moon Caroline UK 1975 M-(-)/M- EUR 80


DAVE CLARK FIVE At Washington D.C.’s Ember UK 1965 M-(-)/M- EUR 105

DAVE MASON Headkeeper Island UK 1972 Blue Thumb Logo M-(-)/M- EUR 70

Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture Rca Germany 1983 Dlp M-/M-/M- EUR 30

DAVID BOWIE Lodger Rca Italy 1979 INNER M-/EX- EUR 25

DAVID BOWIE The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars RCA UK 1972 ORIG.UK PRESS + INNER LYRICS M-/M- EUR 200

DAVY GRAHAM Midnight Man Decca UK 1966 Red "Ear" Grooved MONO EX+/EX+ EUR 190
Small stylus jump at the start of A1 hearable with (my) elephant ears... but the rest it's absolutely a perfect M so a bargain at this price

DEEP PURPLE Same Harvest UK 1970 G/F laminated - very light clicks in 1 track M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 140

DEEP PURPLE The Book Of Talyesin Harvest UK 1969 G/F sold in uk in 4 lines original EX/EX EUR 145

DEEP PURPLE In Rock Harvest UK 1970 G/F no emi on label EX+/M- EUR 120

DEEP PURPLE Who Do We Think We Are Purple UK 1973 g/f LAMINATED Very Rare "Gramophone Co. Rim Writing EX+/EX+ EUR 60

DEEP PURPLE Last concert In Japan Warner Bros Japan 1977 OBI M-/M- EUR 50

DEKE LEONARD Kamikaze U.A. UK 1974 M-/M- EUR 35

DEUTER Haleakala Kuckuck Germany 1978 M-/M- EUR 20


Dog Soldier Dog Soldier UA UK 1975 EX/EX+ EUR 80

DONOVAN A Gift Of A Flower… Pye UK 1969 Box cover + Contains a portfolio with 12 prints. VG++/EX+ EUR 100

DR MARIGOLD PRESCRIPTION Pictures Of Life Marble Arch UK 1969 M-/M- EUR 40

DUCKS DELUXE Taxi To The Teminal Zone Rca UK 1974 M-/M- EUR 60

12 Dbs Blue Horizon UK 1970 Yellow Sleeve little tos in left corner EX+/M- EUR 90

Smiling Like I'm Happy Blue Horizon UK 1968 Laminated Sleeve M-/M- EUR 120

Bright Lights… Blue Horizon UK 1969 G/F M-(-)/M- EUR 140

DYNASTIE CRISIS Same Something Else France 1970 M-/M- EUR 105

EAST OF EDEN Snafu Deram UK 1970 lamination lift along the spine EX+/M- EUR 170

Eddie Boyd 7936 South Rhodes Blue Horizon UK 1968 Front Laminated EX+/M- EUR 210

EDEN'S TASTE Meilensteine Private Germany 1983 really unknown symphonic progressive M-(-)/M- EUR 50

EELA CRAIG Missa Universalis Philips Germany 1978 G/F Laminated Sleeve EX/M EUR 30

EKSEPTION Same Philips Italy 1969 M-/EX- EUR 15

Same Europa Germany 1970 M-(-)/M- EUR 50

Elton Dean Same Cbs Orange 1971 orange label EX+/M- EUR 100

EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Same Island UK 1969 Pink Label some spine wear EX+/M-(-) offs

EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Pictures.... Island UK 1971 G/F help label M-/M- EUR 60

EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Tarkus Island UK 1971 G/F Pink Rim ILPS 9155 M-(-)/M- EUR 60

ENO Ambient 1 PVC US 1978 M-/M- EUR 20

ENO/DAVID BYRNE My Life In The Bush… Sire US 1981 M-/M- EUR 25

ENO/HAROLD BUDD Ambient 2/The Plateaux Of Mirror Editions EG US 1980 M-/M- EUR 20

ENO/JON HASSELL Fourth World Vol.1 Edition EG US 1980 M-/M- EUR 20

Was Here Rso Italy 1975 M-/M- EUR 25

Same Brain Germany 1975 green label original EX+/M- EUR 50

FABLE Same Magnet UK 1973 M-/M- EUR 25

FAMILY Music In A Dolls House Reprise UK 1969 Flipback laminated + Photo Insert …Steamboat Label original m-(-)/m- EUR 230

Music In A Dolls House Reprise UK 2end press tan label, laminated cover M-/M- EUR 35

FAMILY Fearless UA UK 1971 Multifold cover + INSERT EX/EX+ EUR 60

FAMILY Anyway U.A. US 1971 CUT CORNER M-/M- EUR 30

FLYING CIRCUS Prepared In Peace Harvest UK 1970 flipback cover no EMI EX/M- EUR 100

FLEETWOOD MAC Mr Wonderful Blue Horizon UK 1969 G/F laminated EX+/M- EUR 120

FLEETWOOD MAC Original Cbs UK 1971 solid orange label EX+/M- EUR 80

FLEETWOOD MAC Live In Boston Shangai UK 1984 M-/M- EUR 20

FLINTLOCK Tears ‘n Cheers Pinnacle UK 1977 M-/M- EUR 20

FOGHAT Rock'n'Roll Bearsville UK 1973 Tiny tear on cornet M-(-)/M- EUR 30

FOX Tails Of Illusion Gto UK 1975 M-/M- EUR 50

FRED FRITH Gravity Ralph UK 1980 M-/M- EUR 40

FREE All Right Now/Mouthfull Of Grass Island UK 1970 7" Pink "I" rough Label NO PICTURE COVER EX+ EUR 40

FREE Tons Of Sobs Island UK 1969 G/F Pink "Orange Ball" Label first press EX/M-(-) EUR 250

FREE Tons Of Sobs Island UK 1969 Pink "I" Label G/F EX+/M- EUR 160

Free Fire And Water Island UK 1970 Tear on corner EX-/M- EUR 80

FRESH Fresh Today Rca UK 1971 M-/M- EUR 55

FROM THE HOUSE OF LORDS Same Bam Caruso UK 1986 inner M-/M- EUR 30

FRUUPP Modern Masquerades Dawn UK 1975 original sunrise label + INSERT M-/M- EUR 175

GAGALACTYCA Same Holyground UK 1990 with booklet 425 copies only of 1971 demo only M-(-)/M- EUR 120

GALLIARD New Dawn Deram UK 1970 some edges wear EX/M- EUR 400

GENESIS Nursery Crime Charisma UK 1971 G/F Textured Cover Pink Scroll Label micro t.o.s. EX+/EX+ EUR 175

GENESIS The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Charisma UK 1973 original UK press + LYRICS inners M-/M-/M- EUR 135

Selling England…. Charisma UK 1972 Larger Hatter Label + Rigid Insert EX-/EX- EUR 40

Selling England... Charisma UK 1973 big mad hatter B&C manif. & distr. + thick insert EX+/M-(-) EUR 70

GENESIS A Trick Of The Tail Charisma UK 1976 G/F Textured Cover + Inner Mad Hatter Label M-(-)/M- EUR 45

GENESIS Trespass Charisma UK 1970 G/F textured cover - Pink Scroll label M-(-)/EX- EUR 130

GENTLE GIANT Same Vertigo UK 1970 G/F smaller swirl on side two EX+/M- EUR 250

GENTLE GIANT Octopus Vertigo UK 1972 G/F swirl label EX+/M-(-) EUR 280

GERAINT JARMAN Fflamau’r Ddraig Sain UK 1980 M-/M-(-) EUR 30

GERAINT JARMAN Tacsi I’r Tywyllwch Sain UK 1977 M-(-)/M- EUR 30

GONG + HERE & NOW Live Floating Anarchy 1977 private press France 1977 green label b&w cover M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 150

GONG Gong Est Mort Tapioca France 1977 G/F dbl laminated cover M-/M-/M- EUR 70

You Virgin UK 1973 Coloured Dragon Label + INSERT M-/EX EUR 70

GONG You \ Virgin France 1973 coloured dragon label original EX/M- EUR 90

GRAHAM BOND Holy Magick Vertigo UK 1972 G/F Swirl Label EX+/EX+ EUR 140

GRAHAM BOND ORGANIZATION The Sound Of 65 Columbia UK 1965 flipback cover mono Black/Blue label EX/M- EUR 300

GRAVY TRAIN Same Vertigo UK 1970 G/F SWIRL ORIGINAL PRESS with stamped matrices + textured cover - some marks but plays very well EX/EX EUR 300

GRAVY TRAIN Same Vertigo UK ???? G/F SWIRL LABEL REISSUE with hand etched matrices around label M-/M- EUR 90



GREENSLADE Spyglass Guest W. B UK 1974 Burbank Label G/F EX/EX+ EUR 35

GROUNDHOGS Scratching The Surface Liberty UK 1968 full laminated EX+/EX+ EUR 295

GROUNDHOGS Thank Christ For The Bomb Liberty UK 1970 G/F textured blue label EX+/EX+ EUR 150

HARDIN & YORK The World’s Smallest Big Band Bell UK 1970 G/F M-/M- EUR 35

Hapshash And The Coloured Coat Human Host & The Heavy Metal Kids Minit UK 1967 full laminated -rare black vinyl + INSERT M-(-)/M- EUR 220

HAROLD BUDD The Pavillion of Dreams Obscure UK 1978 OBS 10 M-(-)/M- EUR 70

HARVEY ANDREWS Someday Transatlantic UK 1976 M-/M- EUR 60

HATFIELD & NORTH Rotters Club Virgin France 1975 coloured Dragon Label M-(-)/M- EUR 35

HATFIELD & NORTH Rotters Club Virgin UK 1975 full laminated - coloured dragoon label M-/M- EUR 120

HAVANA LAKE Concrete Valley Look UK 1977 Black Label + INSERT M-/M- EUR 95

HERE & NOW Give & Take Charlie UK 1978 INNER M-/M- EUR 30

HIGH TIDE Same Liberty UK 1970 Textured Cover - recoloured scuff on cover black ob black EX/M- EUR 235

HOLDERLIN Holderlins Traum Pilz Germany 1972 G/F laminated - no pop import M-(-)/M- EUR 260

HOLLIES Butterfly Parlophone UK 1967 black/yellow label - flipback cover EX+/EX EUR 60

HUMBLE PIE Same A&M UK 1970 Brown label - textured cover EX+/EX+ EUR 180

IAN MATTHEWS Journey From Gospel Oak Mooncrest UK 1974 M-/M- EUR 35

HI Fi Demostration Record Butt UK 1981 M-/M- EUR 35

INDIAN SUMMER Same Neon UK 1971 original uk press EX/M-(-) EUR 280

JEFF BECK Truth Columbia UK 1969 flipback sleeve stereo black blue label EX+/EX+ EUR 140

Same Reprise UK 1970 G/F steamboat Label M-/M-(-) EUR 160

JEREMY TAYLOR Piece Of Ground Galliard UK 1972 M-/M- EUR 115

This Was Island UK 1968 Pink MONO "Orange Ball" label plays well but with some minor crackles sometimes EX/EX(+) EUR 170

JETHRO TULL Benefit Chrysalis UK 1970 green Label ILPS NUMBERS EX/M-(-) EUR 100

JETHRO TULL Stand UP Island UK 1969 Pink "Orange Ball" Label WRITING ON BACK EX/EX- EUR 70

JETHRO TULL Benefit Island Italy 1970 PINK LABEL M-(-)/EX+ EUR 50

JETHRO TULL Aqualung Island UK 1971 green label with ilps numbers and I on rim writings + INNER SLEVE WITH LYRICS EX+/EX+ EUR 160

JIMI HENDRIX Axis Bold As Love Track UK 1968 G/F MONO + Orange Insert with lirycs - some lights marks but plays perfect EX+/EX (+) EUR 500

JIMI HENDRIX Are You Experienced Track UK 1967 front Laminated cover - nice spine! M-(-)/M- EUR 450

JIMI HENDRIX Are You Experienced Track UK 1967 MONO audible surface noise! EX-/VG++ EUR 150

Axis Bold As Love Track UK 1967 MONO G/F M-(-)/EX EUR 300

JIMI HENDRIX Before London Accord US 1980 M-/M- EUR 35

JIMI HENDRIX Early Jimi Handrix Baron US 198 M-/M- EUR 25

JIMI HENDRIX For Real Djm UK 1975 DLP EX+/M-/M- EUR 75

JIMI HENDRIX Free Spirit Accord US 1981 M-/M- EUR 30

JIMI HENDRIX Hush Now Astan Germany 1983 PICTURE DISC M- EUR 50

JIMI HENDRIX Last Night Astan Germany 1983 PICTURE DISC M- EUR 50

JIMI HENDRIX Live Polydor Nl 1982 M-/M- EUR 35

JIMI HENDRIX Mr Pitiful Astan Germany 1983 PICTURE DISC M- EUR 50

JIMI HENDRIX Second Time Around Astan Germany 1983 PICTURE DISC M- EUR 50

JIMI HENDRIX The Greatest Original Sessions Musidisc France 4 LP BOX SET RIGHT CORNER WEAR EX/M- EUR 105

JIMI HENDRIX Tribute To... Europa Germany 197? M-/M- EUR 35

JIMI HENDRIX welcome Home Astan Germany 1983 PICTURE DISC M- EUR 50

JIMI HENDRIX Woke Up This Morning Red Lightin 1980 M-/M- EUR 30

JIMI HENDRIX & C. KNIGHT The Ballad Of Stateside Italy 1971 EX/M- EUR 50

JODY GRIND One Step On Transatlantic UK 1969 G/F laminated - white/violet label M-(-)/M- EUR 250

JOE COCKER Mad Dogs.... A&M UK 1970 Brown Label Poster Sleeve EX+/M- EUR 60

JOE O' DONNELL Gaodhal's Vision Polydor UK 1977 M-/M- EUR 60

JOHN DUMMER Cabal Mercury UK 1969 Full Laminated black label M-(-)/M- EUR 200

JOHN LENNON Imagine Apple UK 1971 Custom Label Full Lam.+ Poster + Photo M-/M- EUR 70

JOHN LENNON Shaved Fish Apple UK 1975 Full Laminated Sleeve M-/M- EUR 60

JOHN LENNON/PLASTIC ONO BAND Same Apple UK 1970 ORIGINAL black/White label - full laminated cover - A1U/B1U matrices M-(-)/M- EUR 40

JOHN MARTYN Inside Out Island UK 1973 G/F Pink Rimmed Label + INNER EX+/M- EUR 70

Moving On Polydor UK 1973 M-/M- EUR 60

JOHN MAYALL Crusade Decca UK 1968 Laminated MONO grooved label M-(-)/M- EUR 100

JOHN MAYALL A Hard Road Decca UK 1967 Ultra Rare FLIPBACK Cover - Red/ Ear "Grooved " Label EX/EX EUR 100

JOHN MAYALL Plays John Mayall Decca UK 1965 Red "Ear" MONO Grooved Label EX/M- EUR 160

JOHN MAYALL BLUESBREAKERS With Eric Clapton Decca UK 1966 Flipback cover Red "Ear" MONO grooved Label M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 200

Looking Back Decca UK 1968 g/f Red Unboxed Label MONO M-/M- EUR 80

JOHN MAYALL Looking Back Decca UK 1968 Blue Unboxed Label M-/M- EUR 65

JOHN MAYALL The Blues Alone Ace Of Clubs UK 1967 Stereo ORIGINAL M-/M- EUR 70

JOHN MAYALL Usa Union Polydor UK 1970 G/F M-/M- EUR 50

JOHN MAYALL A Hard Road Decca UK RE Blue Boxed label lamin sleeve EX-/M- EUR 30

JOHN MAYALL Moving On Polydor US 1973 M-/M- EUR 25

JOHN TAVENER The Whale Apple UK 1971 EX+/M- EUR 60

JOHN WALKER If You Go Away Philips UK 1967 M-/M- EUR 25

JOHNNY RIVERS Realisation Liberty UK 1968 Laminated Sleeve Blue Label M-(-)/M- EUR 35

JOSH WHITE Same Ace Of Hearts UK 1964 Large Groove Label M-(-)/M- EUR 40

Joshua Same Key UK 1973 M-(-)/M- EUR 180

JOURNEY Same Cbs UK 1975 Orange label original - small humidity stain in the front lower right corner - Great Guitar Dominated Heavy Rock with Aynsley Dunbar on Drums. EX/M-(-) EUR 80

JOYRIDE Friend Sound Rca US 1969 EX/M- EUR 45

JULIAN'S TREATMENT A Time Before This Youngblood UK 1970 G/F dbl FULL LAMINATED M-(-)/M-/M- EUR 700

KEEF HARTLEY Halfbreed Deram UK 1969 small label reversed matrix M-/M-(-) EUR 100

KEEF HARTLEY BAND Battle Of Noth West 6 Deram UK 1969 G/F MONO BROWN/WHITE label EX+/EX EUR 60

KEEF HARTLEY BAND Halfbreed Deram UK 1969 G/F original 10 cm of diameter label +reversed vinyl matrices M-/M- EUR 150

KEEF HARTLEY BAND The Time Is Near Deram UK 1970 with book - 2 small removing stickers tears on back upper corner EX/M- EUR 80

KEEF HARTLEY Halfbreed Deram UK 1969 Large Label reversed matrix EX+/EX- EUR 40

KEVIN COYNE Marjory Razor Blade Virgin UK 1973 G/F dbl white dragoon label M-(-)/M-/M- EUR 100

KING CRIMSON In The Wake… Island UK 1970 G/F textured cover - Pink I label - nicely playing copy and well preserved textured cover EX+/EX+ EUR 190

KING CRIMSON Islands Island UK 1971 matt cover without flipback and no original inner - some writings on label M-/EX EUR 35

KING CRIMSON Larks Tongues In Aspic Island UK 1973 pink rim label + INNER LYRICS M-(-)/EX+ EUR 90

KING CRIMSON Earthbound Island UK 1972 Black label with pink I + Rough Black Inner Sleeve EX+/M- EUR 70

KING CRIMSON In The Court of Crimson King Island UK 1969 G/F pink I label M-(-)/ EX EUR 290

KINKS Lola Versus… Pye UK 1970 G/F Blue/black Label - Small T.O.C EX+/M- EUR 150

KINKS Kinda Kinks Marble Arch UK 1969 1969 repress of 1965 originaly pressed on Pye EX+/M- EUR 35

KINKS Live at Kelvin Hall Pye UK 1967 RED/BLACK LABEL MONO EX+/M- EUR 230

KINKS Kinda Kinks Pye UK 1966 flipback cover MONO - plays perfect EX+/EX EUR 150

KINKS Something Else By The Kinks Pye UK 1966 flipback cover - blue/blabk label M-(-)/EX+ EUR 200

KINKS Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One Pye UK 1970 BLUE BLACK LABEL - cover does have a small removing sticker tear on back nothing so bad. EX/M- EUR 150

Houses Of The Holy Atlantic UK 1973 G/F + INNER no Warner Bros Logo Orig. EX+/VG++ EUR 30

LED ZEPPELIN In Trough The Out Door Swan US 1979 INNER M-/M- EUR 35

LED ZEPPELIN Same Atlantic UK 1969 plum label A1/B1 Matrices EX/EX EUR 200

Set The World Of Fire Bearsville UK 1978 Cut corner M-/M- EUR 20

Life Life After Death Polydor UK 1974 TINY RAZOR like TEAR M-(-)/M- EUR 150

LIMEY Same Rca UK 1974 c.c. M-/M- EUR 20

LIMEY Silver Eagle Rca UK 1975 c.c. M-/M- EUR 20

LIVERPOOL SCENE Recollections Charisma UK 1972 Pink scroll label M-/M- EUR 20

LOCUST Alpha Waves Buk UK 1976 Radio Station Cut Corner M-/M- EUR 20

LONG HELLO Volume Four Shangai UK 1983 WITH INSERT EX+/EX+ EUR 20

LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III Album II Atlantic UK 1971 Plum Label M-/M- EUR 35

LOVE SCULPTURE Blues Helping Parlophone UK 1968 black/yellow label - flipback cover - some yellowing on back and some light marks that do nothing during the plays EX/EX+ EUR 130

Lucifer's Friend We're The Groupies Philips Germany 1971 G/F EX+/M= EUR 140

MAD RIVER Same Capitol US 1968 2 delection holes in the bottom right corner M-(-)/M- EUR 300

With Love Sonet Sweden 1968 orange/red label - laminated cover M-(-)/EX- EUR 40

MAGGIE BELL Queen Of The Night Polydor UK 1975 M-/M- EUR 20

MAN Maximum Darkness U.A. UK 1975 G/F LAMINATED + POSTER M-(-)/M- EUR 35

Do You Like It Here... UA Italy 1971 M-/M- EUR 40

MAN Revelation Pye UK 1969 Flipback cover blue/black label M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 150

Mann Made HMW UK 1965 MONO Flipback M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 65

MANFRED MANN Manfred Mann Hits HMW UK 197 Flipback sleeve M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 50

MANFRED MANN Up The Junction Fontana UK 1968 Flipback Stereo …edge wear EX/M- EUR 120

MANFRED MANN The Five Faces Of HMV UK 1964 Flipback MONO EX+/M-(-) EUR 120

MANFRED MANN CHAPTER 3 Same Vertigo UK 1970 G/F SWIRL LABEL ORIG. "a philips records product" VERY NICE COVER M-(-)/M- EUR 500

MARIANNE FAITHFULL Brocken English Island UK 1979 custom label EX/EX+ EUR 25

Same Decca UK 1965 Laminated Red "Ear" MONO EX/M-(-) EUR 170

MARK - ALMOND Same Harvest UK 1971 Textured Sleeve EX+/M- EUR 25

MARMALADE Best Of Cbs UK 1969 Orange Label M-/M- EUR 20

Martha Velez Fiends & Angels Blue Horizon UK 1970 M-/M- 240

MARTY WILDE Wilde About Marty Philips UK 1959 Flipback Sleeve EX/EX- EUR 30

MASTER APPRENTICES A Toast To Panama Red Regal Zonophone UK 1971 laminated flipback cover EX+/M-(-) EUR 500

MATCHING MOLE Same Cbs UK 1971 Textured Cover Orange Label M-(-)/M- EUR 120

MAY BLITZ Same Vertigo UK 1970 G/F swirl label M-(-)/EX+ EUR 400

MEDICINE HEAD One & One Is One Polydor UK 1972 GIMMICK SLEEVE t.o.s EX/M- EUR 60

Heavy On The Drum Dandelion UK 1971 G/F textured EX+/M-(-) EUR 90

Window Harvest UK 1970 no emi on label original textured cover EX+/M- EUR 100

MICHAEL CHAPMAN Millestone Grit Deram UK 1973 M-(-)/M- EUR 75

MICHAEL CHAPMAN Wrecked Again Harvest UK 1971 G/F EX/EX+ EUR 70

MICK FARREN Vampires Stole My Lunch Money Logo UK 1978 with Insert- slight t.o.s on the white M-(-)/M- EUR 70

MICK SOFTLEY Any Mother Doesn't Grumble Cbs UK 1972 Orange Label M-/M- EUR 120

MICK SOFTLEY Street Singer Cbs UK 1970 orange label M-/M- EUR 120

MIKE OLDFIELD Tubular bells Virgin UK 1973 Coloured Dragon M-/M- EUR 50

MOGUL TRASH Same Rca Germany 1971 orange label full laminated cover EX+/M- EUR 70

MOODY BLUES The Magnificent Moodies Decca UK 1965 red unboxed "EAR" label EX+/M-(-) EUR 100

On The Threshold Of A Dream Deram UK 1969 G/F MONO Laminated + Stapled Bk - reversed vinyl matrices original- very rare press! M-(-)/M- EUR 150

MOODY BLUES Days Of Future Passed Deram UK 1967 Mono Reversed Matrix 1 BIG mark play WITH CLICKS M-/EX EUR 25

MOODY BLUES On The Treshold… Deram UK 1969 with BOOK 2end press G/F M-(-)/M- EUR 30

MOODY BLUES Days Of Future Passed Deramic UK 1970 EX+/EX+ EUR 20

MOODY BLUES Every Good Boy Treshold UK 1971 M-/M- EUR 40

MOODY BLUES To Our Childrens. Treshold UK 1969 M-(-)/M- EUR 45

MORGAN Nova Solis Rca UK 1972 orange label BKAY 18288 + INSERT - This original copy has the cover and insert pressed in UK and the Vinyl in Italy and this is the only original package available M-(-)/M- EUR 100

MOVE Shazam Regal Zonophone UK 1970 full laminated cover - Usual pressing fault on B2, rest very nice - Please consider that all the UK original has this defect please ask! EX+/EX+ EUR 160

MOVE Same Regal Zonophone UK 1968 STEREO Flipback EX+/M- EUR 190

MOVE Shazam Regal Zonophone UK 1970 EX+/EX+ EUR pls ask! full laminated cover - Usual pressing fault on B2, rest very nice - Please consider that all the UK original has this defect please ask!

Same Dawn UK 1971 G/F + 3D GLASSES M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 70

NATIONAL HEALTH Same Visa US 1978 M-/M- EUR 20

NEKTAR …Sounds Like This Bellaphon Germany 1973 Dbl + INNERS M-(-)/EX EUR 35

NEUTRONS Tales From The Blue Cocoons U.A. UK 1975 M-/M- EUR 35

NEW TROLLS Concerto Grosso Cetra Italy 1971 black label G/F top opening EX+/EX+ EUR 60

NIAGARA Same UA Germany 1970 G/F EX+/EX+ EUR 200

NICE The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack Immediate UK 1967 IMSP rarer Stereo - Pale lillac label - M-/M-(-) EUR 150

NICE Ars Longa Vita Brevis Immediate UK 1969 flipback cover …pink label EX/M- EUR 50

NICK DRAKE Bryter Layter Island UK 1970 textured cover - pink rim label EX+/M- EUR 460

NICKY HOPKINS The Tin Man Was A Dreamer Cbs UK 1973 G/F textured cover + Orange label M-/M- EUR 140

NIRVANA Local Anaesthetic Vertigo UK 1971 G/F swirl label M-(-)/EX+ EUR 470

NOTHING BUT THE BLUES Same Cbs UK 1971 MONO dlp rare Blue Horizon project but pressed on cbs only EX+/M-(-) EUR 70

OCCASIONAL WORD Year Of The Great Leap Dandelion UK 1969 original press M-/M- EUR 100

OTIS SPANN + FLEETWOOD MAC The Biggest Thing Since Colossus Blue Horizon UK 1969 Laminated Cover EX+/EX+ EUR 140

OUT OF DARKNESS Same Key UK 1970 flipback laminated cover EX+/M- EUR 340

PALADIN Same Bronze UK 1971 G/F ILPS NUMBER small t.o.s. M-(-)/M- EUR 65

Parzival Barock Telefunken Germany 1972 M=/M- EUR 120

PEKKA POHJOLA Skuggornas Tjuvstart Love Finland 1977 EX+/M-(-) EUR 100

PETER GABRIEL I Don’t Remember Charisma Canada 1980 M-/M- EUR 15

PINK FAIRIES What A Bunch Of Sweeties Polydor UK 1972 G/F M-/M- EUR 55

PINK FLOYD Atom Heart Mother Harvest UK 1970 1st press A1G/B1G EX+/M-(-) EUR 170

PINK FLOYD Meddle Harvest UK 1972 G/F original fully textured cover - gramophone co. In the rim writings EX/M- EUR 160

PINK FLOYD Dark Side Of The Moon Harvest UK 1973 G/F + Poster taped spine M-(-)/M- EUR 60

Obscured By Clouds Harvest UK 1972 "Gramophone co" + Rounded Cover a1/b1 M-(-)/EX+ EUR 85

Obscured By Clouds Harvest UK 1972 Gramophone Co. Rounded Text. Cover a2/b2 M-/M-(-) EUR 110

PINK FLOYD Ummagumma Harvest UK 1969 Dbl EMI on label but A1/B2 M-/M-/M- EUR 100

PLANET GONG Live Floating Anarchy 1977 private press France 1977 green label b&w cover M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 150

PRETTY THINGS Same Fontana UK 1965 mono black/grey label - nice copy! M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 300

PRETTY THINGS Emotions Fontana UK 1966 stereo Flipback cover BLACK/GREY LABEL EX/EX EUR 140

PRETTY THINGS Same (Attention!) Fontana Germany 197? M-/M- EUR 40

PRETTY THINGS Parachute Harvest UK 1969 G/F no emi on label M-(-)/M- EUR 180

PUBLIC FOOT THE ROMAN Same Sovereign UK 1973 G/F start of ring on front and ring wear on back EX/M- EUR 100

QUATERMASS Same Harvest UK 1970 G/F yellow label NO EMI EX/EX+ EUR 200

Quiet World The Road Dawn UK 1970 G/F t.o.s - some light clicks in A1 VG++/EX+ EUR 100

QUINTESSENCE In Blissful Company Island UK 1969 G/F Pink Label + Stapled Book EX/M-(-) EUR 130

RAMASES Space Hymns Vertigo UK 1971 POSTER COVER - Swirl label M-(-)/M- EUR 450

RAVI SHANKAR Transmigration Macabre Spark UK 1973 rare OST of the film "Viola M-(-)/M- EUR 100

RELEASE MUSIC ORCHESTRA Life Metronome Germany 1974 green label G/F cover …tiny scuffs/tears on back hardly noticeables EUR 90

RENAISSANCE Same Island UK 1969 G/F Pink Island Label EX-/EX+ EUR 50

Illusion Island France 1969 G/F pink I label EX+/M-(-) EUR 75

RENAISSANCE A Song For All seasons W. Bros UK 1978 INNER+POSTER M-/M- EUR 35

RENAISSANCE Novella W. Bros UK 1977 G/F M-(-)/M- EUR 25

RENAISSANCE Sherazade ... Btm UK 1975 M-(-)/M- EUR 25

REV. ARMY OF THE INFANT JESUS The Gift of Tears Probe Plus US 1987 INNER M-/M- EUR 130

RICHARD HARVEY New Way Of Seeing ICL UK 1979 M-/M- EUR 90

ROBERT CALVERT Capt. Lockeed… U.A. UK 1975 CUSTOM Label + Book + Inner EX/M- EUR 35

ROBERT WYATT Rock Bottom Virgin Italy 1974 coloured dragon label EX+/M- EUR 40

ROBERT WYATT Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard Virgin UK 1975 coloured dragon label M-/M- EUR 110

ROCKIN BERRRIES In Town Piccadilly UK 1965 M-/M- EUR 180

ROD STEWART An Old Raincoat…. Vertigo UK 1969 G/F swirl label M-/M- EUR 70

ROD STEWART Gasoline Alley Vertigo UK 1969 M-(-)/M- EUR 70

ROGER CHAPMAN Live in Hambourg Line Germany 1979 M-/M- EUR 25

ROGER CHAPMAN Mail Order Magic Kamera UK 1981 M-(-)/M- EUR 25

ROLLING STONES Exile on Main Street Roll. Ston. Rec UK 1972 COMPLETE M-/M-/M- EUR 490

Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majestic Request Decca UK 1967 3D SLV + RED INNER - STEREO M-(-)/EX EUR 160

Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majestic Request Decca UK 1967 3D SLV STEREO-3d stereo UK press "original recordings by" writing on side one and "made in england by" on side misprint and rare inner sleeve present of course. M-(-)/EX+ EUR 210

ROLLING STONES Beggars Banquet London UK 1968 G/F export copy for Japan + Inserts + Flexy + OBI M-/M- EUR 900

Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet Decca UK 1968 g/f UNBOXED BLUE LABEL EX+/EX EUR 170

ROLLING STONES Same Decca UK 1964 Red "Ear" Label Flipback EX+/M-(-) EUR 165

ROLLING STONES Same Decca UK 1965 Red "ear" label MONO List "Mona" EX/VG++ EUR 200

ROLLING STONES Rolling Stones n. 2 Decca UK 1964 Red "Ear" Label with "See That Blind Man..." writing on back EX+/EX+ EUR 200

ROLLING STONES Rolling Stones n. 2 Decca UK 1964 Red "Ear" Label EX+/EX+ EUR 140

Between The Buttons Decca UK 1967 laminated cover - mono red "ear" grooved labelM-(-)/M-(-) EUR 230

Let It Bleed Decca UK 1969 Stereo Unboxed + Stickered Cover + Inner + Poster M-/M-(-) EUR 320

Out Of Our Heads Decca UK 1965 Stereo Blue Unboxed Label EX+/EX+ EUR 140

ROLLING STONES Out Of Our Heads Decca UK 1966 Red "Ear" MONO M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 135

ROLLING STONES Out Of Our Heads Decca UK 1969 Blue Boxed Label M-/M- EUR 35

ROLLING STONES Beggars Banquet London UK 1968 EXPORT COPY + INSERT M-/M- EUR 775

ROLLING STONES Trough The Past Darkly Decca UK 1969 Oct Slv. UNBOXED. Spine wear EX+/M- EUR 100

ROLLING STONES Trough The Past Darkly London US 1969 OCTAGONAL SLEEVE M-/M- EUR 70

ROLLING STONES Big Hits... Decca UK 1969 GREEN Boxed Label + book M-/M- EUR 70

ROLLING STONES Big Hits... Decca UK 1969 GREEN Boxed Label + book EX/EX EUR 45

ROLLING STONES Gimme Shelter Decca UK 1971 M-/M- OFFS

ROLLING STONES Love You Live Roll. Stones Rec. Italy 1977 INNERS M-/M-/M- EUR 20


ROLLING STONES Get More Satisfaction Decca UK 1979 M-/M- EUR 50

ROLLING STONES Emotional Rescue Roll. UK 1980 POSTER M-/M- EUR 25

ROLLING STONES Same Decca France 19 Picture Disc M-/M- EUR 75

ROLLING STONES Their Satanic Majestic Requiest Decca UK 1968 MONO 1P/P1 erlier press M-/EX+ EUR 290

ROY HARPER Flat Baroque & Berserk Harvest UK 1970 G/F no emi on label M-(-)/M- EUR 100

ROY HARPER Bullinamingvase Harvest UK 1978 with Inner + 7" M-/M- EUR 50

Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith Cbs UK 1967 Orange Rough Label SBPG - tiny tear on corner M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 100

Saga Saga Sonet Sweden 1974 M=/M- EUR 240

Salamander Ten Commandments Youngblood UK 1970 Poster Cover - Razor Tear on back VG++/M- EUR 300

SHADOWS Same Columbia UK 1961 stereo GREEN/GOLD ORIGINAL M-(-)/EX+ EUR 75

SHADOWS The Sound Of... Columbia UK 1965 M-/M- EUR 55

SIREN Same Dandelion UK 1971 rare first album in nice shape M-/M- EUR 100


Same Decca UK 1966 Red "Ear" Label MONO M-(-)/M- EUR 290

SMALL FACES Autumn Stone Island UK 1969 Pink Label Dbl G/F - some marks plays well EX+/EX/EX+ EUR 50

SMALL FACES Odgen's Nut Gone Flake Immediate UK 1968 Circular multifold

SMILEY LEWIS Shame Shame Liberty UK 1970 EX/M- EUR 30

Same Probe US 1968 Wheel Cover Orig. EX+/EX EUR 120

SOFT MACHINE Fourth Columbia US 1971 M-/M- EUR 20

SOFT MACHINE Extract From Bundles....Flexy Pre Album 7" in plan white sleeve VG++ OFFS

SONJA KRISTINA Same Chopper UK 1980 Radio Station Cut Corner EX+/M- EUR 80

SOUND TRACK C’era Una Volta Il West Rca Italy 1969 M-/M- EUR 20

SOUND TRACK Giù La Testa Cinevox Italy 1971 M-/M- EUR 30

SOUND TRACK Les Musiques Des Films De Charlie Chaplin Vogue Italy 1976 M-/M- EUR 20

SOUND TRACK Morte A Venezia Penta Italy 1971 M-/M- EUR 20

Triumvirat Harvest UK 1975 rarer UK press M-/M- EUR 30

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP The Second Album Fontana UK 1966 Black/Grey Label M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 90

SPOOKY TOOTH The Weight/Do Right People Island UK 1968 7" Pink "Orange Ball" Label + Island Outer sleeve M-(-)/M- EUR 40

SPOOKY TOOTH Spooky Two Island UK 1969 G/F green tint cover Pink Rough Orange Ball - some spine wear and some marks but plays well EX-/EX- EUR 50

SPOOKY TOOTH The Last Puff Island UK 1969 Pink Label EX+/M-(-) EUR 70

STACKRIDGE Friendlines Mca UK 1972 Black Label EX+/M- EUR 60

SPRING Same Neon UK 1971 Triple fold out cover M-/EX+ MB EUROS 1000 BID!

STARDUST SOUL SENSATION Same Iris NL 1971 great rock blues EX/M- EUR 70

STATUS QUO Quo Vertigo UK 1974 Space Ship Label + POSTER M-/M- EUR 60

STATUS QUO On The Level Vertigo Italy 1975 SWIRL LABEL EX+/M- EUR 30

STATUS QUO Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo Pye UK 1968 laminated flipback M-(-)/M- EUR 400

STEAMHAMMER Same Cbs UK 1969 G/F orange label EX+/M- EUR 170

STEAMHAMMER MK2 Cbs UK 1970 orange label M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 130

With A Little Help…. Stax UK 1969 Flipback Cover yellow label M-(-)/M- EUR 75

STEVE HILLAGE Live Herald Virgin Italy 1980 M-/M-/M- EUR 15

L Virgin UK 1976 green/virgins cameo label M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 35

STRAY Same Transatlantic UK 1970 G/F gimmick cover intact - plum label M-(-)/M- EUR 240

STREETWALKERS Downtown Flyer Vertigo UK 1975 Spaceship Label M-/M- EUR 30

STREETWALKERS Red Card Vertigo UK 1976 INNER M-/M- EUR 30

Swegas Child Of Light Trend UK 1971 G/F M-/M- EUR 130

TANGERINE DREAM Same Amica Germany 1980 small tos EX+/M- EUR 30

TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI Same Columbia Sweden 1971 full laminated brown cover M-(-)/M- EUR 300

TEN CC Sheet Music UK REC. UK 1974 INSERT M-/M- EUR 20

TEN CC The Original Soundtrack Mercury UK 1975 M-/M- EUR 20

TEN CC Greatest Hits UK REC. UK 1975 M-/M- EUR 20

Undead Deram UK 1968 STEREO small label reversed vinyl matrix number M-(-)/M- EUR 90

TEN YEARS AFTER Undead Deram UK 1968 MONO large label with reversed matrices on label M-(-)/M- EUR 140

TEN YEARS AFTER Ssssh Deram UK 1969 first press stereo original small label with reversed vinyl matrix on label ORIGINAL 8/69 INNER M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 100

TEN YEARS AFTER Ssssh Deram UK 1969 G/f MONO brown/white small label with vinyl matrix in normal position so slightly second press M-(-)M- EUR 70

Ssssh Deram UK 1969 M-/M-(-) EUR 70

TEN YEARS AFTER Stonedhenge Deram UK 1968 G/F Laminated cover - large label with rev.matrices on label EX+/M-(-) EUR 130

Cricklewood Green Deram UK 1970 G/F orig. Inspection hole on back EX+/M-(-) EUR 70

TERRY RILEY A Rainbow In Curved Air Cbs UK 1973 orange label M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 50

TERRY RILEY a Rainbow In Curved Air Columbia US 1973 M-/M- EUR 25

TIBET Same Bellaphon Germany 1978 lillac label M-/M- EUR 120

TIGER Same Retreat UK 1976 INSERT M-/M- EUR 30

Fine Old Tom Virgin UK 1975 COLOURED DRAGON + INNER M-/M- EUR 40

TRACTOR Same Dandelion UK 1972 EX+/M-(-) EUR 450

TRAFFIC When The Eagles Fly Island Italy 1974 INNER M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 25

TRAFFIC When The Eagle Flies Island UK 1974 textured cover + custom label + inner M-/M- EUR 60

TRAFFIC Same Island UK 1969 G/F Pink Orange Ball+ BOOK LOOK M- plays crackly M-(-)/EX- EUR 40


TRAPEZE Medusa Threshold UK 1971 G/F White Plum Label Original EX+/M-(-) EUR 70

TRIANA Sombra Y Luz Movieplay SPAIN 1979 GATEFOLD M-/EX+ EUR 35

TUCKY BUZZARD Buzzard Purple UK 1973 G/F M-/M- EUR 90

Tully Tully Columbia Australia 1970 G/F EX+/M-(-) EUR 170

Mr Rainbow Twink Records UK/FR 1990 authographed on front cover M-/M- EUR 40

URIAH HEEP Salisbury Vertigo UK 1971 G/F EX-/EX- EUR 180

URIAH HEEP Very Heavy Very Humble Vertigo UK 1971 G/F Laminated - SWIRL LABEL ORIG. - very light clicks in "Come Away Melinda" M-(-)/EX(+) EUR 120

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Pawn Hearts Charisma UK 1971 G/F + INSERT pink scroll label M-/EX+ EUR 220

Aereosol Grey Machine Fontana Germany 1975 original first german pressing M-/M-(-) EUR 80

VAN MORRISON Astral Weeks Warner Bros UK 1969 orange label flipback cover EX+/EX+ EUR 300

VAN MORRISON Astral Weeks Warner Bros US re M-/M EUR 30

VAN MORRISON Blowin’ Your Mind Bang US 1967 M-/M- EUR 50

VAN MORRISON Common One Warner Bros US 1980 INNER M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 25

VAN MORRISON Blowin' Your Mind Bang US 1967 Uncensored Version - tiny 2mm tear EX+/M-(-) EUR 60

VAN MORRISON T.B. Sheets Bang US 1973 G/F EX+/M- EUR 70

VAN MORRISON Hard Nose The Highway Warner UK 1973 BURBANK LABEL M-(-)/M- EUR 40

VAN MORRISON Hard Nose The Highway Warner UK 1973 GREEN LABEL - all nice except a small recoloured corner in the right bottom corner EX+/M- EUR 50

VAN MORRISON Saint Dominic's Preview Warner US 1972 M-/M- EUR 40

VOLKER KRIEGEL Lift Basf Germany 1973 G/F M-/M- EUR 45

WALKERS BROTHERS Images Philips UK 1967 Black Label MONO M-/M- EUR 40

WALKERS BROTHERS Portrait Philips UK 1966 Black Label MONO M-/M- EUR 40

WALKERS BROTHERS Take It Easy Philips UK 1965 M-/M- EUR 40

WARHORSE Red Sea Vertigo UK 1971 G/F swirl label EX+/M-(-) EUR 360

WARHORSE St Louis/No Chance Vertigo UK 1970 7" SWIRL OUTER SWIRL LABEL EX+/M-(-) EUR 40

Warm Dust Peace For Our Time Trend UK 1970 g/f t.o.c M-(-)/M- EUR 100

WEB Fully Interlocking Deram UK 1968 original press EX+/M-(-) EUR 220

Whipping Post Live Musk Project CH 1978 EX+/M-/M-(-) EUR 190

WHO Sell Out Track UK 1968 MONO laminated M-/M- EUR 200

WHO Who Are You Polydor UK 1978 M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 25

WHO Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy Track UK 1969 G/F M-/M- EUR 50

WHO Who Next Track UK 1971 original press M-/M- EUR 125

WIGWAM Fairyport Love Fin. 1971 G/F DBL + BOOKLET EX/M-(-) EUR 150

WIM MERTENS A Man Of No Fortune & Will A Name To Come BENELUX 1986 TWI 748 + INNER + INSERT M-/M- EUR 45

WILHELM Same UA UK 1976 M-/M- EUR 40

Wishbone Ash Same Mca UK 1970 G/F rare black label original M-(-)/M- EUR 80

Wishbone Ash Pilgrimage Mca UK 1971 G/F rare black label original M-(-)/EX+ EUR 60

Wishbone Ash Argus Mca UK 1971 G/F rare black label original EX+/EX+ EUR 60

WISHBONE ASH Live Dates Vol.2 Mca UK 1980 Dbl with bonus lp M-/M-/M- EUR 50

WITTHUSER & WESTRUPP Bauer Plath Pilz Germany 1972 G/F M-(-)/M-(-) EUR 50

WIZZARD (Roy Wood) Introducing Eddie And The Falcons UA US 1974 g/f corner cut EX+/M- EUR 30

WOODEN HORSE Same York UK 1972 EX+/EX+ EUR 420

WOODY KERN The Awful Disclosures Of Maria Monk Pye UK 1969 Black/blue Label - Pristine Copy M-/M- EUR 250

YARDBIRDS Five Live Charlie UK RE EX/M-(-) EUR 20

YARDBIRDS Some Yardbirds Line Germany 198? M-/M- EUR 20

YES Time And A Word Atlantic UK 1970 plum label original+ insert EX+/M- EUR 120

YES Yes Album Atlantic UK 1971 G/F plum label M-(-)/M- EUR 130

Fragile Atlantic UK 1971 G/F + stapled book M-(-)/M-\ EUR 150


ZOOT MONEY BIG ROLL BAND Zoot Columbia UK 1966 black blue label original flipback cover - stain on side one but plays perfect also in the quieter moments EX+/EX EUR 140