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A too short trip inside the not so well known progressive music of sixties and seventies


At first view all the Deram labels are the same because the only evident difference are the colours of the labels, white/red for stereo and white/brown mono and this until the 1970. Under a more careful inspection you can appreciate other details that for the collecting market are very importants and these details are the size of label can be of 10 cm or 9 cm of diameter and the vinyl catalogue number positioned on the label over the cover catalogue number on the central right position (can start with the prefix ZAL or XZAL) and can be in normal position or upside down as reflected in a mirror. Speaking of the Deram labels these are the more importants label details that may disclose you if the press it's original or not. After many years of carefuls inspections managing hundreds of deram records and dozens of copies for each titles I can say that starting from the late 1966 so from the number SML (stereo)/DML (mono) 1001 the deram label does have a label of 10 cm of diameter and the first 21 numbers does have a deep groove inside the label perimeter, then this groove disappear but the label it's still large (10 cm of diameter) 'til the number SDL/SML 1038 (East Of Eden/Mercator Projected). Alle these lps does have also the vinyl matrix number of label (zal or xzal matrix) upside down. So any title in your collection that does not have these details it's at least a second press, and this is 100% sure. After this SDL/SML number the label became smaller (9 cm of diameter) but the vinyls matrix numbers of the labels are still upside down until at least the number SML/DML 1042 (Terry Durham/Crystal Telephone). After this number, the label it's still small but with the vinyl matrix numbers of the label in normal position and stay small until the last months of 1971 then from the last months of 1971 to the first months of 1972 it become another time larger (10 cm of diameter) and sometime white/brown but this time no more as statement of the MONO press. Deram repress in this period and with this size of label many of the 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970 lps but with the vinyl matrix number of the label in normal position and because of this new larger any collecting approach for to understand if a Deram lp it's original or not it's much more difficult also because the Deram label became then smaller again (1973) and with the vinyl matrix numbers in normal positions but with 3 lines of credit before them. Also a small R appear positioned after the DERAM writing. So, for example, if you have an EAST OF EDEN/MERCATOR PROJECTED SDL/SML 1038 of 1968 with a large deram label but without the vinyl matrix numbers of the label upside down, this is a reissue of 1972 and not an original of 1968. If you have the same title with a label of 9 cm of diameter with the vinyl matrices numbers upside down it's a 2end press of 1969, if you have a small label but with vinyl matrix numbers in normal position this is a 3rd press of 1970/1971.... I hope this is quite clear but what's more important it's the fact that this is sure because in the collecting market there's a lot of rumors and very few certain facts and this is a sure damage for a so young collecting branch. This procedure will help you to understand the originality of a Deram label but another matter it's the originality of a vinyl because a vinyl can be original and have in all the right dead wax places the ending number 1 (6 o'clock for the master stamper and 9 'o clock for the Mother) and have also a 2end pressed label. This it's not uncommon and I have denoted this several times. This must be probably because, in UK at least, the vinyls come out from the factory without label and just with the vinyl matrix number stamped on the dead wax zone and in a separate paper shit where the vinyls are catalogued along with his appropiate Cover catalogue number. The label are pasted on the vinyls then and not at moment of the vinyl pressing as for example in the US pressings. I don't know this for sure but I suppose this because there not others explication when you find a later label on a surelly firstly pressed vinyl and this is happened to me several times. This mean that you have to check personally if you have an original label over and original vinyl...and inside an original cover...good luck!

an original 10 cm of diameter label from 1968